Why Use Us

Save Money Divorce (“SMD”) has built a platform using ultra high quality documents, content and a “global” proprietary approach that, to our knowledge, is the first to effectively and dramatically reduce the cost of divorce in a systemic fashion, whether your divorce will be contested or uncontested, whether children are involved, and whether your marital estate is worth $10 or $10 million. The way it works is simple. As soon as you join as a member, you have access to this phenomenal creation.

As a member, the cost savings you will enjoy should be dramatic. For our contested members, if utilized fully, SMD should yield a ROI (return on the investment of the membership fee) of greater than 400 to 500%. For our uncontested members, if utilized fully, SMD should yield an ROI of more than 250 to 300%.

Skeptical? Check out our Money Back Guarantee.


Contested Members

Our “global” proprietary approach, to which you will have access if you join as a contested member, attacks the three root causes of high cost divorce in the “traditional model”, where each spouse hires a divorce attorney without limited bargaining power, enters the relationship with limited, if any, educational foundation, and has no advanced technology to help reduce the attorney’s workload.

SMD solves these core problems and indeed goes further by addressing the true cause of high-cost divorce – client emotion.

  1. Client education and empowerment. By and through access to SMD’s high-quality content and state of the art document technology, you will be both educated and empowered to function as your own “attorney’s assistant” and “document manager”.   Accordingly, if you use our system and processes, you will be able to reduce your attorney’s workload and the consequential billing, IN ADDITION to the reduced hourly rate noted below.
  2. Guaranteed Reduced Attorneys’ Fees. By requiring all our network attorneys to offer our members a minimum 10% discount off their historic hourly rate for EACH SPOUSE, we have leveraged collective bargaining for you. At a minimum, even if you don’t utilize your billing reduction empowerment tools noted above, your cost savings if you are facing a contested divorce will far exceed your membership fee.

Estimated Savings for Contested Members. While 10% cost savings may not seem like much, the total cost (to both spouses) of a contested divorce “beginning to end” (complaint to trial) in the greater Atlanta area, for example, is between $30,000 and $100,000. (Some contested cases exceed $100,000 in total attorney’s fees.) The marital estate saves double (20%) if your spouse exercises her free membership and hires a network attorney.  This will results in dramatic financial savings compared to the cost of membership!

For example, assuming your contested divorce would only cost the marital estate $30,000 without SMD, which is on the low side, by fully utilizing SMD, you and your spouse will save a minimum of $6,000. Viewing this from a perspective of ROI (return on investment), if your divorce is completed within one year, your ROI is One Thousand Two Hundred Percent (1200%), assuming 20% discount off the cumulative hourly cost and no reduction of actual billing based on SMDs education and empowerment protocols. If your divorce takes two years to complete, your ROI is Six Hundred Percent (600%). (Reducing this further, we conservatively note 400 to 500% above.)

  1. Client Emotion. In the “Anger Management”, “Improve” and “Play” sections of the members area of our application, SMD creates both content and structure that will allow each spouse to move forward vs. fixating on the past and seeking to sue the judicial system to harm the other. In the traditional model, the attorney often has the financial incentive to keep the client fixated on the past, not the future. SMD is attempting to change this. In the “Play” section, contested members, if they wish, can connect with other SMD members at local social events and create social profiles and connect with other SMD members. SMD anticipates that it will launch “SMD Social” in a future version. (“SMD Social” will not be included in the initial launch.)

Uncontested Members

In the uncontested context, for the modest $299 fee, our members have access to all the documents and instructions necessary to complete an uncontested divorce, which includes a free one-hour consultation with an attorney. In comparison, the average costs of an uncontested divorce through the traditional model where one spouse pays a local attorney to complete the divorce, in the Atlanta area, for example, is $1500 to $2500.