Pricing (“SMD”) is dedicated to minimizing legal fees in any divorce situation – contested or uncontested.

Most divorce websites are tailored to an uncontested divorce but few divorces are truly uncontested. To our knowledge, we are the first in the United States to deal with contested divorce situations in a systemic, pragmatic, and legally compliant fashion (no website can practice law). So, whether your dispute with your spouse is major or minor, whether or not you have minor children, and whether your marital estate is simple or complex, we can help!

Uncontested Divorce

  • Designed for couples who agree on all terms of their divorce
  • Video walkthrough of document completion
  • Includes 1-hour free consultation with an SMD assigned Network Attorney
  • Access for member only, no spouse access
  • Limited access to Law Library

Contested Divorce

  • Designed for couples who are unable to agree on all terms of their divorce
  • Video walkthrough of document completion
  • Includes 1-hour free consultation with a Network Attorney of your choice
  • Separate account for spouse to complete divorce documents
  • Full Access to Law Library for member and spouse
  • Access to our extensive list of Georgia attorneys, all of whom offer our members a minimum discount of 10% of their historic hourly rate.

Easy Access

Our proprietary divorce software is 100% cloud-based, so you can conveniently and securely access your member account, complete & save your divorce documents, request attorney consultations, and print forms from any device with an Internet connection.

Free 1-hour Consult

All paid members receive a FREE one-hour consultation with an SMD Network Attorney.  These are licensed and experienced domestic attorneys in your area who have agreed to be part of our network and are paid by SMD on your behalf.  This consultation can be used to review your documents, complete your child support worksheet, or answer any legal questions.

How Much Can I Save?

We have built an extensive network of attorneys who have all promised to offer a minimum 10% discount off their rates.  When combined with a free spouse membership, the savings to the marital estate is a minimum 20%!

All documents you will need!

SMD has built an extensive library that gives our members access to all documents necessary to complete a contested or uncontested divorce in the most efficient manner possible.  These would include sample pleading, discovery, and motion forms, final order forms, sample letters to the court and opposing counsel, and many more!

Collaborate online with your Network Attorney

Our proprietary system allows for empowered collaboration with your attorney, which, if used correctly, can dramatically reduce your attorney’s workload.