Become a Network Attorney

Join Free

SMD is free to join, and you never issue any payment to SMD. All we require is that you offer our members a minimum 10% discount off your historic hourly rate (the average hourly rate you have changed on all your domestic cases averaged over the past two years) or your historic flat fee for a particular scope of service (the average flat fee you have charged for a similar scope of work over the past two years) and honor any and all representations you make on your profile page.   Just fill out a short application, and get started today!

Free Referrals!

You pay zero fees to Save Money Divorce for any services you provide to our members.  All we require is that you agree to offer our members a minimum 10% discount off of your fees.

No Obligation

You will receive an email from SMD notifying you of an assigned consultation. This email will provide you with basic demographic information and whether the member is uncontested or contested. You will have the right to accept or decline the referral, however, if you repeatedly decline referrals, SMD reserve the right to remove you from our listing. Both you and the member will receive your respective contact information. We ask that you schedule the consultation within 72 hours of assignment.  You have no obligation to provide any services outside the initial consultation. Any additional services provided to any SMD member are subject to your compensation terms set forth on your profile page and proper engagement.

Risk Free

From your profile page, you can “turn off” consultation referrals or remove yourself entirely from the SMD listing at any time.  You can also change your discount percentage at any time, as long as you offer at least 10%.

Access to Technology & Documents

The SMD document platform allows members, in advance of any consultation, to deliver you a concise questionnaire and, in connection with any contested engagement, a marital estate schedule and marital narrative as well.  More significantly, the platform allows a member client, under your supervision, to prepare and share draft settlement documents in word format.  The design maximizes collaborative efficiency and allows you to easily review, edit and approve legal documents.  Further, as the attorney of any contested member, you will have access to our expanding law library that includes sample pleadings, motions, and discovery forms, all drafted by an experienced Georgia domestic attorney.

Better Clients = Less Headache

SMD provides members general information and organizational tools that should make them less stressful and easier to work with than non-SMD clients. Further, the SMD document platform empowers your SMD clients, under your supervision, to do as much of their own document prep and other “homework” as possible, which should reduce your administrative workload. On average, SMD members should be better informed and organized and less demanding clients.

We ask very little

As an SMD network attorney, you must (a) promptly schedule and professionally handle any assigned consultation, (b) during the consultation, prepare a basic Child Support Worksheet, if applicable, and (c) if you agree to provide additional services, you honor your fee discount and other terms as stated in your profile.

We value your privacy

Your listing as a network attorney is kept strictly confidential.  Only SMD members have access to your profile page. SMD does not and will not publish any listing of our network attorneys and will keep your listing strictly confidential, and accessible only to our members.

Once you join as a Network Attorney, SMD’s General Counsel will spend as much time as necessary showing you the platform and how to use it to its maximum advantage.  We also have representatives that will be available to our Network Attorneys “24/7” by chat, email and/or phone.