About SMD

Save Money Divorce, LLC (“SMD”) is a Georgia limited liability company.  SMD was founded by a Georgia attorney with extensive experience in domestic litigation and a former IBM executive with over 20 years experience in information technology and software development.

Our attorney founder, having seen hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on attorney’s fees, in some cases needlessly, is passionate about creating and perfecting a system that can help anyone dealing with a divorce, but especially someone dealing with a contested case, save money.  With the assistance of his partner and the creation of SMD, this passion and dream has been realized.

Now, there is one website you can go to find an affordable attorney AND obtain all the information and documents you need to help minimize your attorney’s workload and maximize your chances of settlement.

If our processes are utilized correctly, all our members are guaranteed to save money. However, the savings will be most dramatic for our contested members.  If our platform is fully utilized by both spouses, our contested members can save thousands and potentially tens of thousands of dollars compared to the traditional model where each spouse hires an attorney and has no information or ability to help minimize expense.